Fizz Lab: Physical Computing Lab

Connect to your city and friends in a new way


Trace is an explorative and expressive communication app paired with a wearable device. It's designed to reduce the distraction of your mobile phone while connecting you to the city and people around you. Your friends draw a hidden message on their mobile phone, which is revealed to you once you physically walk in the shape of the message in your city. This allows you to explore new areas while creating a new way to communicate.

This project was created for Fizz Lab, a directed design group lead by Andrew Davidson and Daniela Rosner focused on physical and wearable computing.

My role

I was Project Manager for the team, designed the mobile application's UX and UI, and built the high-fidelity prototype.


The original idea for this project was a general wayfinding application that nudged you in the appropriate direction. Our team held rapid brainstorming sessions where we attempted to expand the initial design idea. We quickly realized that we all had an interest in minimizing screen time for our users. This design principle helped guide our further ideation sessions.

Once we settled on the idea, our team divided work based on interest, with one pair focusing on the physical prototype and the other working on the mobile app and overall story.

We created a low-fidelity prototype using Balsamiq and did two informal usability tests. This led to large changes to the overall design of the application, as well as adding more informative user interface text. After these changes were made, we created a visual mockup of the UI in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, we created a high-fidelity prototype using

We concluded by running three informal usability tests to ensure the prototype was successful.


Our project was featured in a poster session at the University of Washington HCDE Capstone and Research showcase.

Over the summer, I will be working with Daniela Rosner to further explore this project.

Methods and Tools

Usability Tests, Wireframing, Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi Prototyping, Scenario Development

Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq,, Arduino


Rijuta Trivedi, Nina Shahriaree, Nina Wei

Interactive Prototype



Process Photos