TownSpot Inc.

How can we more effectively connect local talent and audiences while also increasing their interaction?


TownSpot is a startup connecting quality local artists to audiences. During a three month contract, I was tasked with evaluating and redesigning the main pages of

After reviewing TownSpot's business goals and conducting preliminary research, I established a high-level goal for the redesign. With the new design, the goal is to increase the connection between artists and fans and bring prominence to the curated nature of the videos by adding a story behind the selections.

I am currently providing ongoing support as the development team implements my updated design.


I followed a complete end-to-end user-centered design process. I created a research plan that included the use of interviews with users and company stakeholders, a survey, and gap analysis of the current site to set my design direction. Through techniques such as affinity diagramming and concept mapping, I identified pain points in the current site and derived key insights that led to my design goal of increasing connection between fans and artists and highlighting the "why" behind curation.

Key insights:

  • Viewers didn't understand what made TownSpot different from other video sites
  • Viewers valued other people's opinions
  • Artists want a strong connection to their user base

Using a paper prototype allowed me to test multiple interaction models of complex pages, such as the "Discover" page. This testing revealed several insights, for example, the breadcrumb trail was not clear enough for users to understand. I then created a set of wireframes and an interactive prototype in Axure. These allowed me to gain more detailed feedback on the layout and specific interactions through a formal usability evaluation with five users.

The final design was presented to the CEO and Directors of Design, Technology, and Content.


In order to achieve my goals of highlighting the curated content and connecting local artists, major design and information architecture changes were made. Key features of the new design include:

  • Removal of distracting design elements, such as gradients to allow the video content to take prominence
  • Addition of a highlighted video section that tells a story about why the video is being featured
  • Simplification of categories and addition of new ways to explore similar videos
  • Creation of a landing page for local artists to be proud of showcasing in their portfolio

My design recommendations were received positively by the team and will be implemented in the coming months. More detailed performance metrics and learnings will be added once the design is live.

Process Photos