Tasty Toolkit

HCID 511: Design Ideation Studio

How can we reduce the barriers parents with school aged children face when planning and preparing healthy meals?


Tasty Toolkit is a service that encourages children and parents to eat healthier by gradually introducing them to new fruits and vegetables. Tasty Toolkit is designed to allow parents and children to explore these new foods together, creating a more active role for children in preparing their food.

This was a four week project completed for my Design Ideation Studio course.

We were challenged to select a problem space to design for behavior change. The goal of the project was to go through all phases of ideation and develop a final deliverable in the form of a product pitch presentation to professors and peers.

My Role

I was responsible for research, concept definition, and project management.


We conducted secondary research, exploring behavior change and eating behaviors. We gathered our insights from the research and used structured brainstorming to form design principles and develop our ideas.

We created a concept storyboard to clearly communicate our idea, and through multiple iterations we refined our solution.


Tasty Toolkit is brought home from school each month and contains one new fruit or vegetable. The kit also includes three recipes that progressively build the child's palate for that ingredient. The kit includes a chef hat, badges for learning new skills, and safe kitchen tools.


Design Statement, Storyboard, Research Plan, Design Brief, Product Pitch

Methods and Tools

Structured Brainstorming, Concept Mapping, Affinity Diagramming, Sketching, Scenario Development, Lo-Fi Prototyping, Presentation

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Susanne Hsu, Carolyn Wong, Colin Barret