Microsoft Design Expo 2014

"In a world with a billion sensors, how will we make sense of it all?"

Stream captures happy moments automatically so you can put the camera away and enjoy the happiest moments of your life.


Stream combines sensors and software to create a captured stream of true and natural moments of happiness. Stream senses biometric data (electrodermal), audio, and location data through a small wearable sensor. This information is used to detect true and natural moments of happiness. During these moments a line of sight camera is triggered, capturing the moments that make you happiest.

This allows you to be centered in your happy moment without having to manually capture it. You can then review these captured streams in a variety of ways on a tablet.

This project was created in response to the theme "Billions of Sensors" for the 2014 Microsoft Design Expo.


Today, we attempt to capture the "perfect" pictures. These posed pictures don't always capture the true moments of delight. The true candid moments are lost to the delete button, or not captured at all.

To capture these moments, we put ourselves behind a screen and are taken out of living the moments we intend to capture. We saw an opportunity to create a better way to capture these moments that is more user-centered.

My Role

I was responsible for researching sensing technology and developing the UI/UX concepts.


We began the 10 week project by exploring the concept of happiness and whether there were health benefits correlated with happiness. We conducted extensive secondary research and informal interviews, which resulted in a focus on connection and reflection to increase happiness.

With this focus in mind, we developed three goals, 1. Improve Personal Wellbeing, 2. Build Meaningful Relationships, 3. Develop a Stronger Community. These goals guided us through our ideation process. We eventually focused on using sensors to automatically capture video during happy moments, allowing people to remain engaged in their environment, rather than their devices.

For more details you can view our process book.


Final Presentation (large file), Video Prototype, Process Book

Methods and Tools

Secondary Research, User Interviews, Scenarios, Sketching, Presentation

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier


Mallika Simone, Willie Franklin, Shiya Liang, Ariana Zukowski

The Concept

Process Photos