Rapid Prototyping Studio

HCID 521

Weekly prototyping challenges that ranged from low-fidelity to high-fidelity.

This class was designed for students to exercise creativity in multiple prototyping media, while challenging us to work in a rapid and iterative fashion.

Below you will find links to each week long project completed during the quarter:

Final Project

My final project was an Arduino-based interactive ball that motivates children to be active. We developed a working prototype with an Arduino Uno, LEDs, tilt sensor, and piezo. We used a video prototype to communicate the story and motivation behind the concept.

Collaborator: Susanne Hsu

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3D Modeling

For this project we were challenged to create any type of 3D model in Rhino. I created a 3D prototype for an interactive piggy bank that would help motivate children to learn money management at a young age. This design was chosen by my classmates to be printed and displayed in our studio gallery.

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Electronics Prototype

This was my first exploration with Arduino and electronic prototyping. This was an amazing experience that allowed me to find a passion for hardware prototyping. For this project I created a thermometer that lit up a certain number of LEDs according to the temperature. I also added the ability for the user to switch the digital read out from Centigrade to Fahrenheit along with a dimming feature that lowered the brightness in a dark room.

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Mobile Prototype

For this assignment we were given design specifications for an application called "Tweak the Tweet" and were challenged to build a functional mobile prototype. We used MIT's App Inventor to create a fully functional prototype that included Twitter integration. After reviewing the specifications, our team decided to modify the workflow by removing distracting visual design elements and unnecessary pages. The result was a more streamlined and modern UI, that reduced user burden.

You can download the application here.

Collaborators: Susanne Hsu, Carolyn Wong, Michael Grazewski

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Interactive Prototype

We were tasked with creating an interactive wireframe in Axure for the dub community website. I conducted short interviews with members of the dub community and evaluated published survey results collected by another member. The design I created was responsive and included large images to help engage users. My design attempted to simplify the interface and information architecture while keeping the same great content that is available on the current site.

The interactive prototype is available here.

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Behavioral Prototype

We created a "Wizard of Oz" prototype to test what body motions would be ideal for a gesturally controlled AppleTV. Our team developed a set of gestures that we hypothesized would be intuitive to the users, then tested our gestures with two users using the WOZ technique.

Collaborators: Nina Wei, Gwenyth Hardiman

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Video Prototype

I used a past project, Wag-n-Purr, for the product of the video. My goal was to tell the story of how Wag-n-Purr helps motivate busy professionals to interact with their pets. I shot the video on a Canon DSLR and edited the video in Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion.

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Model Prototype

We were tasked to redesign a stud finder using the Oxo's "Universal Design" principle. The prototypes I created used foam-core and modeling clay to represent the tactile feel of Oxo handles and the proper weight.

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Paper Prototype

For the first assignment of the quarter, we were tasked to create a paper prototype of a mobile application and a connected "smart watch". I created and tested an application that provided bicycle commuters with directions on their "smart watch." The goal of the design was to minimize distractions for users while navigating busy streets on their bikes.

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