A Side of Change

Design Ideas Competition hosted by Design in Public and AiA Seattle

"Today's children in the U.S. are predicted to be the first to die at a younger age than their parents as a result of little exercise and obesity-related illnesses."

We envision a weekly food competition, paired with cooking workshops, that engage children in a new school lunch experience.

Design Challenge

The brief was to redesign the school lunch experience to improve the health and wellbeing of children. This competition was sponsored by AiA Seattle and Design in Public.

My Role

I was responsible for research, concept definition, video pitch and storytelling, and project management.


My group members from Tasty Toolkit, a prior project, and I were inspired by this challenge and eager to apply the knowledge and skills we gained during our course work at the University of Washington.

We continued our primary and secondary research we started for the prior project, but narrowed our focus on the stakeholders, food education, and nutrition in schools. Our research included interviews, fly on the wall observations, and copious amounts of journal reviews.


Our proposal was a holistic, hands-on curriculum that actively engages students in the planning and preparation of their school lunch. By involving students in the whole process, they gain valuable knowledge and skills that help them make life-long healthy food decisions.

Our proposal is currently being featured on Design in Public's online gallery.


Design Proposal, Video Pitch

Methods & Tools

Structured Brainstorming, Concept Mapping, Ideation, Affinity Diagram, Video Story Telling, Video Editing

Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Keynote


Susanne Hsu, Carolyn Wong, Colin Barret

Design Proposal

Process Photos